The first kittens of 2019 are born, pictures available here !

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Our kittens are released to leave when they are at least 3 months old. They are vaccinated against panleucopenia, catflu, leucosis (and rabies if needed), regularly dewormed, identified by microchip. They are accompanied by a LOOF pedigree (and a FIFe transfer certificate for foreign breeders), a sale agreement, certificate of good health and a tip sheet.
The kittens' names are not definitive until the day of their identification by microchip, about the age of 2 months. The future owners can choose their kitten's name until this date.
Our kittens live in the family, they circulate freely throughout the house and the nearby garden. They are very sociable and well-balanced kittens, able to adapt without fear to a new living space.
They get used very well to apartment living, as long as they receive enough fondness and distractions (cat trees, games, etc..) and the company of another cat when possible.
We are looking for families able to provide all the love our kittens deserve in a secure living environment. We are available throughout the life of our kittens to give any advice and receive news about him.
All our cats are negative tested for GSD4 and PK-Def, and regularly tested by ultrasound for HCM and CIN. The results are available upon request.

logo March 19, 2019 Litter

CH Malcom vom Beekhalf
IC Freya des Chênes d'Or

Kitten's Pedigree

CH Malcom vom Beekhalf
brown blotched tabby (n 22)
Lupo Makaranta
brown blotched tabby (n 22)
Seerath's Cobol (d 09 24)
IC Just Catnap's Mimosa (n 22)
Titran's Ynook
black tortie blotched tabby (f 22)
GIC Fridalas Kayenn (d 22)
GIC Titran's Suzette (n 09 23)
IC Freya des Chênes d’Or
brown spotted tabby and white (n 09 24)
EC Alvar vom Egert
brown amber blotched tabby (nt 22)
CH Vento vom Egert (nt 09 22)
CH Carlotta vom Egert (n 22)
IC StarsHollow’s Dylisia
brown spotted tabby and white (n 09 24)
CH Killix Nicky (n 09 23)
CH Ex Animo’s Adhara (n 24)
Paddington Pickwick Poppins Phileas Fogg
Paddington Male Brown mackerel tabby and white (n 09 23) Booked
Pickwick Male Brown spotted tabby (n 24) Booked
Poppins Female Brown spotted tabby (n 24) Booked
Phileas Fogg Male Brown blotched tabby and white (n 09 22) Booked
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