Our first 2024 kittens were born!

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Female light amber (at)
Born on the 18 th of August 2009

Betsy Blue of Florence Ray is a medium sized female, but very well proportioned. She is light amber non agouti, as we can see by looking at her dark nose. She has wonderful golden green eyes, and a splendid expression she transmits to her kittens. Her winter fur is stunning.
Betsy Blue is our "peaks cat", who loves climb and sit on the trees.

Betsy Blue holds the title of International Champion.


IC Shaggy vom Trollberg
brown amber blotched tabby and white (nt 09 22)
CH Gregory vom Trollberg
brown blotched tabby and white (n 09 22)
GIC Zampino vom Trollberg (n 09 22)
CH Esbjerg's Ninifee (a 09 22)
IC Queeny vom Trollberg
light amber spotted tabby and white (at 09 24)
Porfyrgardens Blackburn (nt 09 22)
CH Baltimoor's Elfa (n 09 23)
Vernacchia av Trulla
brown amber spotted tabby (nt 24)
Richard av Trulla
blue blotched tabby (a 22)
EC August Strindberg Felis Jubatus (n 23)
Miss Halloween av Trulla (ats 24)
Pali-Sandra av Trulla
brown mackerel tabby and white (n 09 23)
EC B's Best Big Boy av Trulla (n 09)
GIC Jacaranda av Trulla (nts 24)
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