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Starshollow's Dylisia

Our familial cattery, located in the Yvelines, was created in 1994. Chênes d'Or means "Golden Oaks". These are large American oaks that turn golden in autumn, providing a playground for our Norwegian Forest Cats to exercise their climbing talents. The Golden Oaks are large American oaks, golden in autumn, where our Norwegian Forest Cats exercise their climbing talents. This affix also evokes the golden colour of our first Norwegian Forest Cats.
From our first meeting, we were captivated by the rustic and powerful aspect of Norwegian, its expressive eyes, intelligence, and perfectly balanced temper. We also appreciate that this breed has emerged through natural selection, rather than being created by humans based on aesthetics or trends.
Our particular fondness for warm colors naturally led us to focus on amber. This natural mutation has the advantage of giving amber and amber carrier cats a very bright colour. The amber colour is part of Norwegian heritage; it must be preserved as such, but should not influence the breeding projects at the expense of the NFO’s type and temper.

Mats Hvidnaese

Our kittens grow up within the family, so they are very affectionate and close to us. They also create emotional ties with our rough collie dog who is very gentle with them. We aim to give birth to very sociable and well-balanced kittens, but also and especially in perfect health, that’s why all our breeding cats are negative tested for GSD4 and PK Def, and regularly tested by ultrasound for HCM and CIN.
Cucaracha with Kittens

The Cattery

We are fortunate to have a large, well closed garden and we decided to offer our cats freedom and security, by surrounding the entire property with a "special for cats" electric fence and peppering the house with cat flaps.
The electric fence is a still little known process, but effective and inexpensive one. It has the great advantage of allowing our Norwegians to enjoy all our land safely and take initiatives.

All our males have a large private enclosure with trees, also surrounded by an electric fence, and with a wooden chalet properly thermally isolated for winter.

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