Our first 2024 kittens were born!

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Female brown blotched tabby (n 22), amber carrier
6 th of July 2009 - 4 th of November 2023

Esmee vom Arlesbrunnen is a medium sized female but she has good boning, a dense fur and a very warm colour that comes from her maternal ancestors. She carries amber because of her father, which further strengthens the warm tones of her fur.
Esmee is very affectionate, but she is an overbearing female who imposes what she wants to most of the females in the group. With Alvar, she forms an almost inseparable couple, she never leave him alone in winter.
Thanks to Christa for having trusted us !

Esmee holds the title of International Champion.


CH Raki vom Arlesbrunnen
light amber blotched tabby (at 22)
CH Pinocchio av Trulla
blue silver mackerel tabby and white (as 09 23)
EC B's Best Big Boy av Trulla (n 09)
Miss Halloween av Trulla (ats 24)
Pialotta vom Arlesbrunnen
brown amber blotched tabby (nt 22)
Amor av Ljusdal (nt 22)
Kalahari vom Arlesbrunnen (nt 24)
Dorothée de Stang ar Voud
brown blotched tabby (n 22)
Veyron de Stang ar Voud
brown blotched tabby and white (n 09 22)
CH Oba Sultan (n 09 23)
Famara Fracci av Hulder (n 22)
Raflesia de Stang ar Voud
brown spotted tabby and white (n 09 24)
Pablo Picasso de Stang ar Voud (n 24)
Dansbjerg's Isabella (n 09 23)
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