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Female brown amber blotched tabby (nt 22)
Born on the 14 th of August 2019

CH Thuraya's Fiannah Oya was entrusted to us by Ingeborg Kump, who shares with us the concern of preserving and improving the lines of Norwegian amber or amber carriers.
She is also the granddaughter of Restless Nymeria, the beautiful sister of our Restless Grey Wind.
Fiannah Oya is a very tall female, heavy and muscular, with a great quality of fur. Her profile is perfectly straight and her chin strong, her ears are well placed. She is sweet and affectionate, very talkative, and gets along especially well with young Paddington, her future fiancé!
Many thanks to Ingeborg for her trust and friendship!

Fiannah holds the title of International Champion.


CH Over And Out Taurandir
brown blotched tabby (n 22)
SC Cyber Shot Groove Armada
brown blotched tabby and white (n 09 22)
SC - DVM Rockringen's Jailhouse Rock (n 09 24)
IC Armada Groove Armada (f 22)
IC Restless Nymeria
brown blotched tabby (n 22)
IC Fiskerjenta's Sisik (n 22)
IC Restless Muffin Buffalo (n 22)
Thuraya's Ehad Lovebird
black (n)
IC Thuraya's Caracal Illuin
black amber (nt)
Thuraya's Bacuri Cielito (nts 03 22)
Frederike Pa Elgsporet (nt 22)
Thuraya's Contessa Hunyani
brown blotched tabby (n 22)
Thuraya's Bacuri Cielito (nts 22 03)
Belmini's Rosemary (ns 22)
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