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Female brown spotted tabby and white (n 09 24), amber carrier
6 th of April 2010 - 11 th of December 2023

Freya des Chênes d'Or is the first daughter born from the marriage between Dylisia and Alvar. It was not planned to keep her, but how let her go ? At birth, she was weighting 160 g and she kept going on this way. At the age of 4 months, visitors confounded Freya with her mother.
She is a gentle giant, knowing neither stress nor aggressiveness. She has a surprising boning, a very thick coat, an excellent chin, beautiful well placed ears and almond eyes. And she is even more golden than her mother, because she inherited one of her father's amber genes.

Freya holds the title of International Champion.


EC Alvar vom Egert
brown amber blotched tabby (nt 22)
CH Vento vom Egert
brown amber blotched tabby and white (nt 09 22)
Valentin vom Arlesbrunnen (at 09 22)
IC Isabeau vom Egert (n 09 22)
CH Carlotta vom Egert
brown blotched tabby (n 22)
CH Carneol vom Egert (nt 22)
CH Freya vom Egert (n 22)
IC StarsHollow's Dylisia
brown spotted tabby and white (n 09 24)
CH Killix Nicky
brown mackerel tabby and white (n 09 23)
EC Europa's Danske Gorm (n 23)
GIC Killix Fiona (n 09)
CH Ex Animo's Adhara
brown spotted tabby (n 24)
EC Team Sanslös Frangelico (n 09 24)
CH Pocahontas (f 09)
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