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Female blue silver blotched tabby and white (as 09 22), amber carrier
Born on the 26 th of August 2020

Raakel de l'Éternitéphémère was born in the cattery of my friend Laury Hallaert.
She is a medium-sized and well-balanced female, with long and dense fur, beautiful well-placed ears, a straight profile, a good chin, and above all beautiful, very expressive green eyes!
She is very pleasant and gets along with everyone. She is an avid hunter and climber, but always comes back at full gallop when called.
We hope that she will transmit to her future kittens her good temper and her genes of various colors (blue, amber, silver).

Raakel holds the title of International Champion.


CH Warren Beatty Duszek Lasu
blue blotched tabby (a 22)
Tigerogas Grape Valiant
black silver spotted tabby (ns 24)
SC Mila Ma Tildes Jet-Seth (n 22)
SC Tigerogas Sunrise of Lynx-Lair (fs 09 23)
GIC Kadiri Duszek Lasu
brown spotted tabby (n 24)
SC Thunder Duszek Lasu (ns 23)
IC Elsa Makaranta (n 24)
Pepper Dis'Irwal
blue amber smoke and white (ats 09)
CH York North Cape
noir et blanc (n 03)
CH Asgard Dikaya Krasa (n 02)
Freiya North Cape (at 09 22)
Luciole d'Alesund
black smoke et blanc (ns 09)
SC Leah Of Norway Golif (nt 09 22)
Hydromelle d'Alesund (as 09)
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