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Female brown spotted tabby (n 24)
6 th of August 2003 - 19 th of March 2014

Ultima des Chênes d'Or, born in the last litter of Inga, stayed in the cattery because she has inherited the beautiful eyes of her father Torsten. She was a very overbearing and authoritarian female, but her temper softened significantly when she has been neutered. She had an wonderful charisma!
Ultima passed away on the 19 th of March 2014, defeated by the recurrence of fibrosarcoma which was no longer operable.

Ultima was FIFe Champion.


EC Torsten Rødnæse Felis Audax
brown spotted tabby and white (n 09 24)
Prins Hamlet Felis Audax
blue mackerel tabby and white (a 09 23)
Tom Bombadil Felis Audax (n 09 23)
IC Deleuran's Bast (f 23)
Hedda Gabler Felis Jubatus WWK 91
brown mackerel tabby and white (n 09 23)
EC Colosseums Gustav Graah (ns 09 23)
EC Flatland's Avedine (w)
CH Inga av Missakullet
brown spotted tabby (n 24)
Asbjorn av Missakullet
brown mackerel tabby (n 23)
EC Gelriafelix's Tigger (n 09 23)
GIC Hjerteknuser's Dorette (n 23)
EC Artemis Solskinn
brown mackerel tabby and white (n 09 23)
GIC Chagmis av Skogheim (n 09 25)
GIC Lykke Sted's Fritzta (n 09 23)
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