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Female brown amber blotched tabby (nt 22)
Born on the 11 th of June 2012

Hedwige des Chênes d'Or, daughter of Betsy Blue and Alvar, managed to charm us with her reserved but very affectionate temper and her magic eyes ! That's how she got her place in the family, and she stayed at home, for the greatest joy of her half sister, Holly, who never leaves her.
Her amber colour will evolve by growing up, with certainly a marked thinning of her paws and nose, as we can see on her father Alvar.


EC Alvar vom Egert
brown amber blotched tabby (nt 22)
CH Vento vom Egert
brown amber blotched tabby and white (nt 09 22)
Valentin vom Arlesbrunnen (at 09 22)
IC Isabeau vom Egert (n 09 22)
CH Carlotta vom Egert
brown blotched tabby (n 22)
CH Carneol vom Egert (nt 22)
CH Freya vom Egert (n 22)
IC Betsy Blue of Florence Ray
light amber (at)
IC Shaggy vom Trollberg
brown amber blotched tabby and white (nt 09 22)
CH Gregory vom Trollberg (n 09 22)
IC Queeny vom Trollberg (at 09 24)
Vernacchia av Trulla
brown amber spotted tabby (nt 24)
Richard av Trulla (a 22)
Pali-Sandra av Trulla (n 09 23)
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