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logo April 30, 2015 Litter

IC Jiwari de l'Eternitephemere
IC Betsy Blue of Florence Ray

Kitten's Pedigree

IC Jiwari de l'Eternitephemere
brown blotched tabby (n 22)
At Magic Tigers Lexus
black amber smoke (nts)
At Magic Tigers Filou (nts)
Spin Engine's Weantza (nt)
Ishana d'Alesund
black tortie silver mackerel tabby and white (fs 09 23)
CH Clipper d'Alesund (ds 09 22)
CH Frigga d'Alesund (n 23)
IC Betsy Blue of Florence Ray
light amber (at)
IC Shaggy vom Trollberg
brown amber blotched tabby and white (nt 09 22)
CH Gregory vom Trollberg (n 09 22)
IC Queeny vom Trollberg (at 09 24)
Vernacchia av Trulla
brown amber spotted tabby (nt 24)
Richard av Trulla (a 22)
Pali-Sandra av Trulla (n 09 23)
Lupin Lotus Lucius Libellule
Lupin Male Black (n) Sold
Lotus Male Blue (a) Sold
Lucius Male Blue blotched tabby (a 22) Sold
Libellule Female Blue amber blotched tabby (at 22) Sold
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